Monday, 12 December 2011

COP workshop//Speed Designer Dating

For the context of practise workshop we did an activity which was a play on Speed Dating.
Basically we had to come to workshop with 3 designers; male, female and company/studio. In the workshop we had 4 minutes to discuss with our partner the designer. We had to talk about them show them examples and say everything we can about the designer. We had to do this this 3 times for each designer. As we were going through we had a sheet to fill out. This consisted of designers name, referred by, if i like them and notes. After the workshop we would go away and research into the designers that we were told about that we liked.

Preparation for the workshop.

List as many designers as possible:
David Carson
Brian Hubble
Danny Allison
Tim Mars
Why Not Associates
Creative Review
Andy Smith
Jan Tschichold
Jordan Metcalfe
Ken Garland
Micheal Craig Martin
Muller Brockman
Neville Brody
Shepard Fairey
Super Expresso
Wim Crouwell
Anthony Burrill
Kristian Kasi
Steve Lambert
Matt Chase
Moshik Wadav
Nicolas Menard
Socio Design
Mask Creative
Ryan Spacey
The Vast Agency
Linzie Hunter
Julia Patt
Studio Emmi
Catherine Nippe
10 Collective
Imogen Grasby
Gale Moross

Chosen Designers:
Anthony Burrill
Linzie Hunter

Anthony Burrill
Anthony Burrill is a screenprinter and also works in moving image and 3D work. I have known him best for screenprinting which is how i frist came across him. We were doing a project in college on screenprinting and one of my friends mentioned him, I took a look at his work and was wowed. I love the whole concepts of his designs and how he works with colour. He also experiments with other materials which i like. Recently he has done 3D wood work which i love too.

Male, Lancashire
now lives & works in Oxney, Kent

Works in screenprinting, moving image and 3D work.
Known mainly for print making - screenprinting

Lives and works in Kent

Studied Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic
MA in Graphic Design at Royal College of Art, London

Worked on advertising campaigns and posters for clients:
The economist, the british library, london underground.
Collaborates with musicians and animators.
3D installations commissioned by Collete in Paris and The Design Museum, London
Lectures and leads workshops at many design events and educational institutions.

Linzie Hunter
I didn't really know of any female designers so i researched into some and Linzie was my favourite because i like the style of her work. Illustration and type in her main work.

Female, Scottish.

Specialises in illustration and type, known for both of these.

Originally from Scotland and studied at Glasgow University.
Was a theatre manager before hand.
Studied illustration at Chelsea College of Art and Design

Studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design doing illustration, then went onto Glasgow University.

Enjoys doing illustration but also loves to work away from the computer on print and print making and book binding.

I like the style in which this design company works in. Its really fresh and clean and using vibrant colours. I like they way they work with image and type and how they lay it all down on the given media. It is excellent design work. I love it!

I first came across them when i was in college in my first year. I saw the promotional mailer they put together and love the whole concept, design, colours etc of it. Since then i have kept looking at there work and used them for inspiration in alot of my own work.

Design studio in Glasgow
Founded in 2009 by creative director Greig Anderson - who has had 6 years of experience in previous agencies in Glasgow and Sydney.

Specialise in: identity and brand development, print design and production, design for digital media.

Based in Glasgow
Suite 1/1
6 Dixon Street
G1 4AX

Founded in 2009 by creative director Greig Anderson.

Have lots of links to other design businesses who they have sourced our and use frequently. Believe high standards are necessity and are very passionate in what they do.

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